1. Prepare

To take part in this tutorial you will obviously need a mug and heat press. You can easily buy them online. Or go to the DIY store and rent a machine to experience it. Now another thing you’ll need is an image to put on the mug.

2. Design

Now the easiest way to do this is to use a product print template.

The print the template that I’ve got here will be provided after this article. As a download link, I’ve made it available as a JPEG and PSD and the TIFF file so no matter what image editing software you’re using you should be able to open it without any problems.

There is a gray bleed area around the outside and this just helps make sure that none of the text or anything that you’re putting on the mug runs across the top or the bottom and when you’re using a photograph. It’s not as important obviously just keep your text within that gray area and once you open the template you just need open up the image that you want to be put on the mug.

* Make sure that the printed image or text is mirrored.

3. Heat

We need to do is preheat the mug, it helps to keep the heat nice. Use a couple of bits of the heat tape on either side and then put your image on the mug. Make sure everything sites nice and central.

Slide the mug into the machine. Make the machine has been heated to our set temperature. Normally we use 175 ℃ and 30 seconds. Then just click the start button. There are beeping let you know it’s finished. Move the mug out and remove the tape and peel back the image. The mug is very hot, must be very careful and use gloves.

Click edit button to change this text.After all 3 steps, we get one sublimated ceramic mug well. Here is the link to download the template:  https://jackygao.com/download-template/



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