After the first firing, the mud body becomes high rigidity. The plain body needs an inspection first and the item will proceed to the next step.

Monochromatic products are relatively simple to operate. Just need to soak the plain body into the glaze and then dry the bottom. Lots of products that require decals will continue to decal after the glazing firing. After the decal is completed, it will be fire again. These products need to be fired 3 times.

The hand-painted item needs draw as request. Painting on ceramics is very challenging. This step needs a lot of skilled workers to complete. Workers will draw the details one by one onto the products as required. This step usually takes 7-10 days. The glaze needs to be applied again when finished the hand-painted. The difference between monochrome products is that glaze is transparent after the firing this time. Transparent glaze protects the item well and does not obscure the painted part.

Items need firing again when finished glazing and dry. Through these steps, the product is basically completed. Some unpredictable problems will occur during the firing process. So we will check is again before packing. Every step will be inspected to remove the defective and the last inspection is the most important. We strictly follow the AQL inspection rules to ensure quality.

Our factory has more than 100 works and can produce more than 150,000 pieces per month. If you are a start-up or a green hand on ceramics item, this may be the most important article you have ever read.

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