The production process of premium ceramic items involves many complicated steps. I roughly divided the production process into 10 steps to help you understand the process.

The entire production process is divided into 3 parts, mould preparation phase, modeling clay, glazing & fire.

Part 1: Mould Preparation Phase

This is the first step for samples or mass production. Our workers will engrave a gypsum samples of the same product. It looks like a clay body but it’s solid. Then we use this gypsum sample to make sulfur molds. These sulfur molds are used to prepare large quantities of plaster molds. Normally we need prepare at least 150 pieces for mass production. Each plaster molds can use about 80 times. If the order have large quantity, workers will prepare much more plaster molds for mass production.


After carving the plaster mold, workers will move the mold to a special room to dry. The mold must be dry enough before it can be used. Dry molds have good water absorption to produce clay body next step. The drying process usually lasts 7 to 15 days depending on the size of the mold. When the mold is completely dry, it will be transported to the workshop for the next step.

To be continued…