Usually, there are two methods of slip casting and rolling press forming to make the blank body. The currently used ceramic slip casting method, there are two methods plaster mold and the foamed resin is microporous mold. Press forming typically requires a two-part mold, upper rolling part, and bottom mold. The upper part is usually made of stainless steel or resin, the under part is same with slip casting method mold.

1. Ceramic slip casting method

Plaster slip casting method of ceramic mold, mud pressure generally within 0.13MPa, some simply not pressurized. Molding, by capillary porous gypsum slurry moisture absorption, so that the cavity surface deposited a layer of ceramic slurry to form a ceramic body.

2. Ceramic rolling press forming

In the production of ceramic roll forming, the mold was placed in a ceramic clay, ceramic rolling apparatus forming the ceramic clay in the mold for molding roll. Our factory has ceramic rolling automatic production line fo ceramic rolling efficiency.

Since the gypsum slurry moisture-absorbent alone, so the sludge dewatering is slow, determine drying time according to product category, to mold release. After mold release, we got clay body, and this clay body still needs manual repair to remove the extra part to smooth the surface.

The smooth body will be placed on the shelf for complete drying. Next, the clay body will be fired for the first time for later glazing, hand-painted…

To bo continued…